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Move and Lose. Tone and Tighten. Stretch and Relax. 

Barre Breakthru

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Are you ready for the next level of Barre? Barre Breakthru will reshape your body and help you bound beyond your fitness plateaus with its perfect combination of cardio, toning, and lengthening exercises. This three-phase workout is sure to appeal to the dancer and athlete in you! Warm Up: This blood pumping mini-workout is a great way to start any routine! You ll hit every muscle in the body to prep you for more advanced moves throughout the program. Cardio: Break through the same old barre routine with these fat burning, heart pounding moves! Jennifer will lead you up a steady climb that gets a little more intense every minute, leaving you breathless at the top. Grab your towel and get ready for some sweat! Tone and Strengthen, Stretch and Lengthen: Targeted and precise exercises will tighten and tone you head to toe. No muscle, small or large, will be left behind! Polish off your moves with an extended stretch session, crucial to maintain flexibility and range of motion. Then say Ahhhhh. Equipment Needed: Chair, Block, Light Handweights

  • DVD's are sent via USPS for soonest possible delivery. $4.50 is charged for one DVD. $6.50 for two and up to $8.50 for more than two. 

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