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I have always been drawn to the written word and storytelling. From a young age, I was documenting my innermost thoughts and feelings and whimsical daydreams in a diary. I still do that, only now, as a (somewhat) adult, I call it a journal.

Whether my musings are published or remain private, my daily practice of writing helps me gain clarity on topics I deeply care about - health, culture,  and policy. An odd combination I know, but then again I'm not exactly what most would call "normal." I often perceive connections where others see disjointed or unrelated events, giving my work a unique perspective and offering insight into a world that may not seem to make a whole lot of sense right now.

My work is grounded in research and truth, but infused with storytelling that makes it accessible to all. I aim to engage readers (or viewers) and inspire them to think beyond the page (or screen). I don't mind challenging people to see things differently. A friend once described me as a "s#@$t disturber." I'm still deciding whether or not that was meant as a compliment.  

I have a knack for making complex, even esoteric, topics understandable and enjoyable. One of the best pieces of writing advice I ever received was "don't bore me." It is my sincere hope that I don't. 


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