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  • Jennifer Galardi


Free free free.

At last.

From the graves of my ancestors

From the burdens of

the past.

I walk down the golden path

With you by my side.

I no longer need

to hide.

Behind shame, guilt and fear

Oh. I see it so clear.

Your guiding light

moving me forward

Toward peace, ease, joy

No more need to fight.

Here, I can play

and laugh.

Who knows how long I'll be able

to stay.

Even if I leave, I know

it's never far away.

The destruction and devastation is done

It feels like I've won

These battles inside my head.

Even if for a brief moment.

For I know

There will be more ahead.

But for now

Let me tread

Alongside my new found freedom

As you call me ever


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1 Comment

20/20 Yoga
20/20 Yoga
Jul 06, 2020

Your voice is ever so clear in these works of poetry. It's apparent that you are finding these words from Source and being generous to share them with us. TY for all that you do to help lift us up, spread our wings and fly.

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