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  • Jennifer Galardi


I don't need you

to feel sorry for me.

I don't need your fucking


I need you to step into

the ring.

Without your mouthguard

or money

and privilege for


I need you to see

the truth.

To examine the role you play

What is your part?

Look deep, deep into your


At your pain.

Your shame.

Your fear.

And then I'll hear

and listen to what you have to say.

If you simply stand on the

sidelines and walk around

day after day

and say

That's terrible.

How awful.

It's wrong.

Well then

I'm not okay

with whatever it is you have to say.

There's a cost to pay -

For your


Your narcissism.

Your immaturity.

Your denial.

Your coward ways.

Hiding behind concrete and

metal and honor

and anything else

you accumulate as armor.

Maybe not today.

Or tomorrow.

But someday.

You can only protect yourself so long.

Before your swan song


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