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  • Jennifer Galardi

Don't Fear the FAT!!!

If you’re still believing that a low fat diet is an effective weight loss strategy, we need to update your operating system! The fear of fat became pervasive with the 80s diet fads but highly respected professionals are debunking the myth that fat is bad for you. And thank goodness! You might be shocked to learn how much fat I eat in a day. (Hint: it’s a lot.) One of my favorite snacks or breakfasts is a hard boiled egg with avocado. That alone contains about 12 grams of fat. And I’m not shy. I load on the olive oil when roasting vegetables and cook with copious amounts of coconut oil. I'm not afraid to say I do love my cheese as well.

More and more, studies are showing that healthy fats are the way to go when designing an effective weight loss or maintenance strategy. Good fats – like those found in olive oil, fish, avocado and nuts – provide a key source of nutrients that keep you satiated and have numerous health benefits. Even saturated fats – such as those found in eggs and coconut oil – can be good for you. My gauge? If it’s natural or found in nature, it can’t be all that bad. And everything in moderation.

Fat is a key component in maintaining healthy hormones, which have a strong effect on weight gain, loss or maintenance. Balanced hormones regulate satiety and can increase metabolism. More and more, doctors and alternative health practitioners are looking to hormones as key indicator of reducing fat levels and weight loss. Here’s a great article that talks about the key hormones involved in weight loss and maintenance.

Fat also provides fuel for the brain. That’s right! Just like you need a quality oil to keep your engine of your car clean, the right fat keeps your brain lubed up and firing on all engines. The brain is composed of over 60% fat and relies on dietary fat for efficiency and effectiveness. An article from briefly outlines the types of fats you want to include for brain health.

Fat is so important for brain function and metabolism that companies are coming out with specific supplements to introduce the right kind of fat into your system. I recently tried a product called Fatty15: a supplement that introduces a new beneficial fatty acid called C15:0. This particular fat helps our cells become more resistant to aging and can keep inflammation at bay – something highly touted to support a highly functioning immune system and prevent disease in the body. I can tell you that my hunger levels decreased and I feel more focused throughout my day when taking Fatty15. More proof that fat is FABULOUS!

Another wonderful thing about Fatty15 – it comes in a reusable bottle so you don’t have to buy a new one every time you need more! You’ll simply get a refill pack. Good for you – good for our environment. (By the way you’ll save 20% when you sign up for the 90 day starter kit subscription!)

Remember – do your research. Don’t rely on old outdated ‘science’. Discovering what makes you feel great and run optimally can be trial and error but it’s a process that is always worth undergoing. Your vitality and good health rely on good education. As always, reach out to me with any questions or concerns you may have.

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Jan 27, 2021

Olive oil ! I think I couldn't cook without it. Later I discovered coconut oil, and I use it in my kitchen and as a cosmetic as well ! Thanks for sharing this, fat has been wrongly demonized for too long.

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