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  • Jennifer Galardi



I imagine it.

I dream about it.

I see you.  

I know you are there.

Close by.

I will wait until you find me.

And when you do

I believe it will feel like

The perfect pillow after a long day.

A soft place to land.

A cool breeze on a warm summer night.

As it blows through my dress of gauze.

No bra.

A full breath.

Unencumbered by stress

Free and easy.

Feet furrowing in the sand

Slipping between my toes

A dip in the ocean

Clean and salty

It will feel like home.

It will smell like skin.

It will sound like Neil Young 

and Harvest Moon. 

It will feel like I knew all along.

I imagine it will feel like, at long last -

An exhale.  

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