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  • Jennifer Galardi

Go Ahead, Indulge

Updated: May 23, 2020

I know it may seem counterintuitive right now, but this is a wonderful time to indulge in some little luxuries. It's easy to fall into a rut of sweatpants, messy buns and not brushing your teeth until noon (who me?), so take time to create moments of pleasure and joy. I'm not saying you need to go out today and buy a Tesla or start online binge shopping (again, talking to myself here), especially when many of us need to monitor our finances right now. However, little things can bring great joy in times like these. If you can, purchase small ticket items that put a smile on your face. It may be your favorite bottle of wine (or in my case, can of high alcohol kombucha) or the dark chocolate you love that may cost a dollar or two more.

Similarly, now is the time to bust out the (potentially expensive) products, food and gifts you've been "saving for that special moment." Guess what. This is a special time. (Let's hope we do not find ourselves here again.) Pop that cork! Open that bottle of olive oil from Italy (Ahem, again, me.) Take that luxurious bath with essential oils. Light the candles. Do the things you would normally only do on vacation. Don't wait. You can't take it with you.

Because isolation or not, this is life. And that is something worth celebrating.

Here are some of my favorite little indulgences that I've participated in or bought.


Don't underestimate the pleasure of a finely crafted bed. Even if you only have one set of luxurious bed sheets, now is the time to use them. We should all be getting more rest and this is one way to ensure you slip into slumber (and maybe other activities) feeling supremely comfortable. I recently purchased a set from Brooklinen (which are relatively affordable compared to some other high end brands) and I couldn't believe the difference. PS: I also purchased a down pillow from them and I haven't had a neck ache since. Just sayin'.


I've been eyeing a rose body oil from the company Weleda and I recently purchased through Thrive Market. I'm so glad I did. I've been using it all week and it gives me such a sense of joy. It's light and moisturizing and the rose scent is divine and not overbearing. It feels like a nice spring rain for my skin. All of Weleda products are top notch and worth the splurge. I also use their SkinFood hand lotion for ultimate moisture and protection. With all this hand washing, it's the perfect product to have on hand. Pun intended.


Ladies, with all of our go to personal grooming sites closed, now is the time to up your at home skin care routine. Remember - the skin is the most porous passageway into our bodies. What we put on our skin matters. Use quality products free of sulfites and chemicals to ensure your entire system stay as healthy as possible. We don't need more foreign shit clogging our system. Use non pore clogging oil (I like jojoba) to cleanse your face as opposed to foaming soap. I'm in love with the skin products from Floracoepia, particularly their Immortal Cleansing Dew as well as their Mist Of Immortal. I also love the clay mask from Alitura. It pulls out all impurities from the skin leaving it brighter and firmer. Lastly, Purely Prana utilizes the much touted effects of ozone therapy. All of their products are infused with oxygen (three molecules make up ozone) which has been shown to heal wounds rapidly and speed up the healing process. Perfect for the current climate! I use it anywhere my skin needs some T.L.C.


Yes, it's important to keep good nutritional habits during this time, but it's equally important to maintain your mental and emotional sanity. That's where chocolate - specifically quality, rich and ethically sourced dark chocolate - comes into play. Right now, it might be wise to stock up on chocolate (and coffee) from Moka Origins. The coconut chocolate and sea salt are my favorite flavors. The good news is that they are a small, local company (I've been to their chocolate factory!) in rural PA and still have product in stock. The better news? Not only is their chocolate and coffee ethically sourced but they work to support local communities throughout Africa. You can read more about their social impact here.

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