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  • Jennifer Galardi


Grief is a portal

Through which we tear

Tear by tear

So unaware

Of the magical transformation

Taking place

Propelled into

a different Time and



We’re thrown into a wild


A new world.

A different domain.

Unchartered waters.

Unfamiliar terrain

We’re unsure how to navigate

Who are my friends here?

Who do I trust

Who will understand this strange new language

which has been thrust

upon me

So unexpectedly?

As sure as the sun rises

The answers come

Not something to be sought

Or anything to be got

Simply, thy will is done.

Everything to be received

As sure as I breathe

In and

Breathe out.

So effortless with ease.

I see all that I have loved

All that I have lost

All my pain and sorrow

The cost

for my freedom.

But nothing truly gone and

Nothing truly gained

Just a knowing that nothing


Will ever be the same.

All that I love is with me

And has always been.

And will always be

Time and time again.

And so I sit in knowing

All that is to come

will be showered upon me

like the warmest rays

of the sun.

This is the magnificent gift grief has brought to


The requirement to embrace

All I was meant

To be.

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