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  • Jennifer Galardi

Recipe: Kitchen Sink Salad

It's almost August and four months into quarantine, I'm a tad tired of coming up with 'new and exciting' things to eat and equally exhausted cleaning dishes. Thank goodness it's summer and cheese, a kombucha and a hard boiled egg feels like a completely legitimate dinner. However, for the most part I also require more sustenance than that and salads are a great way to get in your greens for the day and satiate the belly with some added protein.

Basically, take whatever veggies and grains/beans/protein you have in your fridge, toss them in a bowl and add some olive oil. lemon and salt. Just like a good Greek and Italian girl (that's me) would do.

Tonight's concoction consisted of:


brown rice (cooked already. duh.)

roasted carrots


sauteed spinach, garlic, mushrooms, marinated artichokes and cherry tomatoes

hard boiled egg

piece of homemade sourdough bread, the official food of the 2020 quarantine (made by someone else - i am not nearly that ambitious), drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with pink salt. (To sop up all the good stuff)

Trust me, my salads rarely look as 'pretty' as this stock photo, but they are quite nutritious and most importantly, tasty!

Consider using some seasonal veggies such as summertime squash (grilled or roasted), grilled fresh corn from cob (nothing better) or grilled asparagus (my favorite!) in your salad. Or add some radicchio to spice up the (sometimes) boring greens.

If you want to get crazy and add some additional flavor, drizzle tahini over the salad before you toss it. It adds a nutty creaminess to the traditional olive oil and lemon.

Oh and don't forget the avocado (I ran out. Darn shame.)

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1 Comment

Christine Wu
Jul 22, 2020

Girl trust me- at first it was picturesque and plated gourmet. Now it‘s like spaghetti squash, some yummy sauce, a slob‘s attempt at some other roast veggies and wine. No paparazzi allowed and ugh, i have to do the dishes...again????

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