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  • Jennifer Galardi


What if

I just walked up to you and said


I like your smile

You look kind.

And I’m lonely.

Would you like to pass some time


Would you think me crazy?

Or say Wow. You’re lovely

As a daisy.

Would you welcome the opportunity

To share?

Or really rather I not be


In your space.

In your face.

Leave me be.

You might declare.

But what if

You pulled out the chair

and said –

Sit right there

Like you hadn’t a care.

What if we talked about

What makes us giggle

And how we love to wiggle

When our favorite song comes on.

Or we reminisced about the

Last time we had a hug

Or got to chug

An ice cold beer with our buddies.

Or we found that we were equally

Hopeful and sad

Happy and mad

Joyful and terrified

All at the same time

Sometimes in the same hour.

What if you, perfect stranger

Witnessed my tears and

My fears.

And didn’t run but

Held my hand.

Virus be damned.

What a beautiful start to a friendship

And a new world

That might be.

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