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  • Jennifer Galardi


I'd like to be a new voice

One that's not been heard

One that gives others a choice

Of who they want to be

And not demand


Suit or



One that empowers others

to be themselves

Without forgetting

Other selves to remember.

One that unites

But will stand for what is


Even if it means being

separate from those who insist

on a fight.

I'm tired.

I'm drained

I'm not sure how long this

fight can be


But I'll get up

And try again

With a light

Lit by others who fuel

my flame.

I'll write

I'll speak

I'll act

In ways that make me feel okay

About laying my head at the end

of a day.

Rest peacefully.

We still have a long way

a long long way

To go.

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Jennifer Oakley
Jennifer Oakley

I think that your words are amazing, powerful and SO timely. You're a talented writer and your shared gifts of words (and fitness) have added much needed moments of positive energy thoughts and feelings to my day. Thank you❤

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