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  • Jennifer Galardi


My whispers will be louder

My whispers will be louder

Than what’s above me

Or below me

Or next to me.

My whispers will be louder

There will be things that try to distract me

To pull me away

To divert my attention

But it won’t work.

The whispers will be louder.


Loud above the noise of politics

Loud above the roar of motors and engines and bass

Louder than the screams of pain.

Louder than the cries of children.

The whispers will be louder

Most will not hear

But some will

Our whispers will be louder

Our whispers will be louder

Until they hear us.

And when they do – be ready

Our whispers will change the world.

We don’t need to scream

Because our whispers will be louder

Above the guns.

Above the right.

Above the wrong.

Our whispers will float

On the songs of the birds

In the music that moves us

In the people that inspire us. That make us laugh. That make us love.

Our whispers don’t demand

Our whispers don’t even try

Our whispers float.

Our whispers will be louder

Until eventually –

The whole world hears.

And we will start a new.

Back to source where She will give birth to a new world.

All because of a whisper.

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